Patrick de Lange


    Life is all about connections for me. Connections with people around me, family, friends, colleagues and customers. For me the future is also all about connections, facilitated by exponential technologies people can connect anyway they want. In this digital economy I love to connect different people, ideas and technologies into new opportunities. Embracing the future by meaningful connections.

    Omar Benameur


    I love to innovate! Doing new things together with colleagues and customers with passion, humor and results is really what drives me. With Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, platforms, IoT, 3- and 4D printing and a lot more our world is changing rapidly. Are you ready for this journey?

    Richard Nijhof


    Always looking for new opportunities. Combining Business and Technology and finding creative solutions to create value and growth. In the complex digital world it is all about understanding the impact for your business and organize for change.

    Danys Liberg

    Marketing & Operations Lead

    As social media grows and matures, showing a return becomes critical.